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Joint Pain Remedy- The Chinese Medicine Viewpoint

Discover the Ancient Chinese Joint Pain Relief Remedies that are still being used today because they are so successful!

China’s economy has progressed impressively. From producing mobile phones, fashioning textiles and manufacturing products, this big country has surmounted some first world countries in Asia. Currently, China offers labor internationally at a very economical price, making itself very striking to foreign investors and company brands. Chinese medicine, likewise, has proven itself for centuries. In relation to this, the practice of Acupuncture and other Chinese therapies as a "joint pain remedy" have been passed on from generation to generation.

Chinese Medicine, in particular, is used by practitioners in joint pain remedies and it really does differ in a lot of ways from Western Medicine’s view on joint pain remedy.

 On one hand, for western medicine, arthritis is the inflammation of the joints characterized by heat, swelling, redness and limited mobility of the affected areas. For Chinese Medicine, however, arthritis is not only swelling and heat. It is believed to be caused by a prior invasion of coldness which damaged the natural flow of the body energy, causing disruption between the Chi and the blood, thus there is heat.

The current trend in western countries would suggest that arthritis should be treated aggressively using medicines prescribed by physicians for joint pain relief. The regimen usually includes the administration of NSAIDs ( Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), Immunosuppressant's and Corticosteroids. The lists of medicines mentioned are usually ordered to provide immediate joint pain remedy.

The downside of these prescribed drugs, however, has been experienced by many patients. There have been side effects and adverse reactions reported which include gastritis, ulcers and other gastrointestinal discomforts. Because of these complaints, other people opt to choose joint supplements as their joint pain remedy. But there are still many others who  select and appreciate the ancient (and more natural) method of providing joint pain relief.

In several countries including the US, Australia and parts of Europe, acupuncture and Chinese traditional herbal medicines are being used in some institutions as treatment modalities for joint pain, specifically for arthritis joint pain relief. Specific exercises are also included with these types of joint supplements and joint pain relievers including:

  • tai chi
  • dao yin
  • chi kung

These exercises are done in order to improve the musculo-skeletal conditions of patients with joint discomforts and have been proven beneficial in joint pain relief.

Even though science has advanced progressively, it is also comforting to know that ancient practices are still being used. Indeed, Chinese medicine has long been practiced and many users could attest to its efficiency in joint pain relief. The fact that it has been passed on for hundreds of years and transcending the test of time, make it another option that can be tried as a joint pain remedy.

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 Joint Pain Relief Aids


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