Joint Pain Relief from Water?

This is not for those who have had joint pain for a long time, but rather for the person who is just walking around one day and suddenly they have a terrible toe cramp; or ache in the toe (I’m just not sure how to describe it).

This happened to me and I was horrified! I was on vacation in a warm sunny place and I could barely walk without limping. But when we sat down for lunch I felt like I was terribly thirsty and drank two large glasses of water. Then we went shopping around the area we were in since I didn’t want to walk around that much. My toe was feeling better so I didn’t want to push it. You just don’t have the best success looking for joint pain relief in a foreign place. But guess what? My toe didn’t hurt after that – I think I was just dehydrated!

So try water first and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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