My First Attempt at Joint Pain Relief That Really Worked!

I’ve had joint pain in my fingers and my toes and actually went to see about three different physicians when my fingers started to hurt because my career choice has me typing at the computer all day.

The chiropractor sent me to the hand specialist who couldn’t find any arthritis so he sent me to the arthritis specialist. Well, they have to get rid of you somehow! Of course, the arthritis guy didn’t find anything and the only thing he could recommend for joint pain relief was Glucosamine Sulfate. I took that for about a month with no relief.

Then I was studying a few things on my favorite joint pain relief site and discovered that sometimes Omega 3 fish oil can do wonderful things for the joints. So I bought a bottle of these capsules – they were cheap, only about $10.00 and guess what? After about a week I had no more finger joint pain!

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