Reviews Team Discovers Shocking Facts About Joint Pain Relief

Our Flexcin Reviews team has been at it for some time now in their search for the truth about the newest joint pain relief supplement on the market today. They searched everywhere on the Internet, plowed through stacks of paper information and talked to hundreds of people, and the results are somewhat shocking!

It appears that this Flexcin with CM8 has remarkable powers for joint pain relief. It’s almost the first joint supplement of its kind that works as both a joint pain reliever, and a joint repair aid. Without the side effects you’ll find in other common supplements such as glucosamine and MSN, and especially the pain killers that include NSAIDS.

So for the first time you will find joint pain relief and not look forward to stopping using it because you are tired of being tired all the time. Or you fear your liver and heart are being damaged, not to mention that other joint pain relief agents might be causing ulcers and bleeding.

No, this time you will be getting relief. And the only reason you will look forward to not taking it any more is because your joints are healing and you are able to do what you want again; without the pain.

No other joint supplement has the trademarked ingredient of CM8. Flexcin is the only place you will find it, and our Flexcin Reviews research shows that it is quite remarkable for pain relief and joint rejuvenation. The research and case studies are all there to prove its effectiveness, as well as a lot of positive testimonials from healed, happy customers.

What do you want to do in life? Is your joint pain stopping from doing it? Are you sick and tired of being tired all the time? Well now is the time to tell yourself that enough is enough and try something that really works! Sure, you can do more research and find out what we did, or you can take our word for it and order it today knowing that you will get a money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t work for you, you don’t need to keep it!

And I probably don’t need to remind you that time is very important right now. If you’re already in pain, your joints have already started to deteriorate. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. That’s a fact it’s true for more than just joint pain relief.

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    Using MSM For Joint Pain Relief

    MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is a naturally occurring sulfur compound in our body. It can also be found in some foods but is lost during the processing. It is made up of sulfur, which is the third largest substance in the body next to sodium and water. A regulated level of MSM in our body can help us to be healthy and stay active. A higher level of MSM is believed to be helpful in treating many kinds of ailments.

    MSM has been renowned for its ability to treat arthritis. But, it should always be noted by anyone with arthritis who wants to take it, that like the other treatments for arthritis, it cannot cure the disease. MSM can only control the symptoms of arthritis such as the pain and not cure the cause of the disease. It can also control the pain caused by the following conditions:

    * Osteoarthritis
    * Gout
    * Rheumatoid arthritis
    * Fibromyalgia

    MSM can also be a treatment to people who are having problems with constipation, allergies like SAD and snoring. People with arthritis should not rely on MSM that much because it cannot preserve the cartilages and stop the damage of the cartilages of the people with arthritis. It can only reduce the pain that arthritis causes as long as the person affected is taking it.

    MSM is found in the human body and in fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, and fish. But when these foods are already processed, in some cases when it is washed with water, the MSM content of these foods disappears.

    MSM is natural. But, those that you can purchase in the market as dietary supplements are made from DMSO or dimethyl sulfide. DMSO is a chemical compound that you can find in medical and industrial grades. It has been hyped as a treatment for arthritis in the 1960s but the potent side effects and other possible risks that come with it have made it lose its popularity in treating arthritis.

    Studies have been done to prove the benefits that MSM can give to people with arthritis and animals with arthritis. In a study that involves mice, MSM has been effective in treating the symptoms of arthritis that is seen in mice. The studies that prove that MSM is effective in treating arthritis in people are still a few and so more proofs are needed.

    MSM is sold in tablets, solutions and capsules. You may also find it as topical medications in forms of cream. It can be taken with other dietary supplements for arthritis such as chondroitin, glucosamine and Vitamin C.

    Before you take MSM, you should first consult your doctor to know the dos and don’ts about it. It may interact with other drugs and it may cause side effects when not taken in the right way, so consulting your doctor about it can prevent you from getting harmed.

    Vitamin MSM supplements can be taken everyday. But, the dosage should start from low. It is usually recommended two dosages of 500 mg everyday and evenly increases the dose to 1000 mg every day.

    Carole Gayle is a freelance writer who focuses on health-related topics. Visit the Arthritis Pain Cure center for additional information about quality glucosamine sulphate and to sign up for the free monthly newsletter.


    Find Joint Pain Relief Supplements and Reviews Here: Joint Pain Relief Supplement Reviews.
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      Why Mice Can Never Be Used For Joint Pain Research

      I really don’t know why mice are usually used to test new products. It’s not like they resemble people in any way, shape or form! They’re small, hairy, and run on all fours. It seems like it would be better to use monkeys; but somehow that seems a little less humane. But mice cannot be used in arthritis research because they NEVER get arthritis!

      That’s one interesting fact we found out while doing Flexcin Reviews research. It’s actually one of the reasons the active ingredient in Flexcin – the CM8T was discovered by a researcher named Dr. Harry Diehl, who at the time worked in the chemistry lab of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). His main area of study was Arthritis, Metabolic, and Digestive Diseases.

      However, it was in 1964 that Dr. Diehl really went to work to try to find a cure for arthritis. His neighbor was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and nothing he would do was making him better. Before you can cure something though, you have to give the disease to an animal so you can study it. And that’s when the mice were brought in as the usual subjects for the study of diseases.

      It’s usually a simple task; you give the animal the disease, then you try to get rid of it. Then you move up to larger subjects. And that’s when it was determined that mice were NOT going to be helpful in joint pain relief research. That was the time when neither Dr. Diehl nor his colleagues could give arthritis to mice. It was discovered that mice were 100% immune to arthritis!

      Dr. Diehl almost gave up at that point – but he couldn’t get that fact out of his head. Why were mice immune? What chemical disposition did they have in their tiny little bodies that prevented them from suffering from joint pain? The answer: the chemical compound cetyl myristoleate totally protected the mice from arthritis.

      Now he was getting somewhere. The next step was to try to reproduce cetyl myristoleate so it could be injected into humans to be studied. What finally happened was that a chemical compound that could be produced in a laboratory from natural ingredients was born. But unfortunately, he couldn’t sell it to pharmaceuticals because it was natural – and not a drug that could be patented. So it sat on the shelf for a long time

      We wouldn’t be doing this article if Dr. Diehl hadn’t developed Osteo-Arthritis. He had already been treated with as much cortisone as a person can have in a lifetime and it wasn’t working. In sheer frustration, he mixed up another batch of his cetyl myristoleate compound and his symptoms disappeared. Now his friends and family all wanted some – and the rest, as we say – is history!

      Click Here For New Information on Joint Pain Relief Supplements and Flexcin Reviews of Case Studies that Prove This New Natural Joint Pain Reliever Can Get Rid Of Your Pain Faster Than Anything Else.

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      Its a Shame That You Still Suffer Joint Pain! Stop Now and Read Flexcin Reviews

      If you research joint pain relief like I do, you might want to pay attention to Flexcin with CM8. I just did a bunch of research and found some interesting facts, which I’ll share with you in my Flexcin reviews.

      While doing the Flexcin Reviews, we searched sites, talked to people, read the case studies and found a ton of information. It seems to be the most promising joint supplement on the market today for people with joint pain.

      Joint pain sufferers are used to using joint supplements that include glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, MSM or a combination of them. And that’s fine because they have powerful natural joint relief ingredients that have been working for centuries. Even though they work for a lot of people, that’s not always the case because they do not work for some people – those people have turned to Flexcin with CM8 – and our Flexcin reviews found that they were now getting pain relief.

      CM8 – otherwise known as Cetyl myristoleate is unique due to its multiple healing effects. It not only acts as an anti-inflammatory, but also as a pain reliever and immune system booster. In scientific speak, it is waxy ester prepared so it can be easily swallowed and is very purified and refined. It also lasts a long time in the body, giving it extra time to perform necessary healing functions.

      As far as our Flexcin reviews could find, there were no unusual side effects to this joint supplement. That being said, of course if you had side effects to the old ingredients (MSM, etc.) you may still experience them. However, as a joint pain reliever, CM8 does not cause the damage to the liver, heart, or kidneys, like other pain relievers can.

      It’s no wonder that there is so much excitement about this new joint supplement for joint pain relief. It appears to work for more people than msn or glucosamine, and kills pain without side-effects. The makers of the drug have even gotten an unofficial seal of approval from the FDA – even though the FDA does not screen over-the-counter supplements.

      If you need more help deciding on what’s right for you, read Flexcin reviews and compare ingredients of other popular supplements as well. We’re here to help – and you will most certainly find something that will benefit you in your search for relief.

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      Why You Might Consider Finding All Your Joint Pain Relief Info At One Site

      If you’re looking for joint pain relief, I’m sure you’re thinking that it would be nice if someone put together a site where you could find all the information you needed in one place. One that looked at a variety of joint pain relief products and maybe compared the ingredients so you could see which ones you had tried before, and which ones look promising. Well, that’s exactly what we did with Flexcin Reviews.

      This is a free site –  of course, most of the information on the web today is free. But in the case of free, you usually have to watch out for whose writing the information and if it’s actually true.  However, I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Most of the people doing research today do very careful investigation of the facts before they publish information on their sites.

      After all, you may buy something from that site which will sometimes allow the writer to make a commission. This isn’t a bad thing; a lot of research goes into making a factual site and it’s actually a great way to thank the person, without actually having to track them down and thank them for the information.

      When we put together our Flexcin Reviews, and also our Joint Pain Relief Blog, we very carefully studied all the facts. These facts will help you make an informed decision about the joint pain relief products on the market today, and which ingredients you should be concerned about.

      It’s actually a better way to research than just going to the manufacturers site because the manufacturer will only give you information on one product – theirs! Most informational sites, if they care about a person at all, will review several products and give you an unbiased opinion based on what the merchant displays on their site.

      It’s not tested though. No one can be expected to buy every product and put it through the test before recommending it. It also wouldn’t be exactly the information you need because what works for one person may not work for another. The only way you can be sure is to try these joint pain relief products for yourself. Almost all of them have a money-back guarantee, so if they don’t work, just send them back and maybe try something different.

      It never hurts to try new things. New advances and discoveries are being made every day so there’s no need to suffer with joint pain for longer than you have to!

      Our Flexcin Reviews team found a lot of good information on the newest joint pain supplement on the market today; so they reviewed it for you at Flexcin Reviews CM8. Also click here to find reviews and ingredients of other Proven Joint Pain Relief Supplements and Finally Get Relief!

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      Do Arthritis Cures That Really Work Exist?

      You may have seen a number of over zealous claims; however, there are no known arthritis cures on the market today. Having said that, there are many different products that provide relief from the suffering of the disease and in some instances stop, or at least slow down the degenerative process.

      Attaining relief from the pain of osteo arthritis and as maintaining or improving joint mobility is the the key wish of the sufferers exploring the virtues of various arthritis cures. From nutritional suggestions and supplements to synthetic as well as natural drugs, there are numerous products on the market claiming to be arthritis cures or at minimum relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

      Osteo arthritis is a degenerative disease that causes the cartilage in joints to shrink or totally disappear. It is often labelled the wear and tear disease and is typically considered an age related problem. However, some forms of osteo arthritis are caused by an injury or damage to the joint and arthritis thus arthritis cures are being sought by patients of all ages. As the disease progresses, the associated pain increases and mobility in the affected joint becomes more limited.

      OA gets worse as the cartilage breaks down further bringing more and more bony surfaces into the rubbing process. The cause of Rheumatoid arthritis is miscalculation of body’s natural defense system. This gives raise the joint lining to swell and pain. It also spreads to the surrounding tissues. Uric acid deposition in the joint spaces causes inflammation and pain in the joint.

      The discouraging part of anti-arthritis drugs is that some of those drugs have being recalled by the pharmaceutical companies. Hence, many people have given up the fight since they don’t know which of the drugs is next on the recall list. This disappointment in traditional medical option is what has given birth to natural arthritis cure treatments.

      Many people suffering from arthritis are now trying it out. Latest findings from users show that the natural means is more potent than the traditional medical option. Whether this is the truth or not is subject to debate. There are several natural arthritis treatment products or program that you can use to get off the grip of arthritis.

      Data returned from controlled studies has not shown that these two ingredients when taken in combination have any added benefit over individual use. Another product, methylsulfonylmethane, MSM, is also being added to the list of arthritis cures, but limited research on its effectiveness has not proven for it to be effective.

      This includes the exercise part also. These patients need to be reassured, encouraged to accept the situation and to be injected moral support. They also need appropriate supervision towards suitable pain relief. The first line of medication is still the Non Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs). Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Nimesulide, Ketorolac are among the most preferred analgesics used by the rheumatologists. (Guest Author: Hollaple – Peter Bramption-Parker is a nutrition experts and has worked for the Choate Group as a consultant for the past 16 years.)


      NOTE: NSAIDs can damage the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs as well as cause bleeding. Before you give up Read our Flexcin Reviews for the Newest Proven Joint Pain Supplement on the Market Today!

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      New Joint Pain Relievers Outshine Ancient Secrets

      People have been looking for joint pain relief practically from the beginning of time.  The reason for this is that people have always had to do some sort of manual labor to stay alive. We’ve always been hunters and gathers in the sense that we need to eat, so we need to work in order to track down food.

      Fortunately, most of the human race no longer needs to gather food the old fashioned way. By growing it themselves, and hunting to stay alive. These things were hard on the joints, but since they also provided exercise, they probably were not as hard as current day where the majority of people use a computer for their livelihood. Repetitive motions such as typing and texting can cause problems such as carpal tunnel and joint degeneration. That’s why so many people now are on a search of joint pain relief.

      But it’s never been easy. In ancient times the only choices to get joint pain relief were to use either hot or cold compresses. That would work to reduce swelling and minimize the pain, but it was very inefficient at fixing the underlying problem of dwindling joint cartilage.

      The Chinese method of treatment was a little more advanced. They believed that joint pain and arthritis was due in part to heat or cold that damaged the flow of energy and disrupted a person’s Chi; less body energy meant less heat and caused the joints to become colder and less able to move easily. In order to bring the body back into motion, acupuncture and herbal medicines were used.
      Today we can use a variety of methods to not only stop the pain, but also try to replenish liquids and lost cartilage. We do this mostly with a variety of natural substances, mixed with some scientifically proven healers like Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate. Most people know that they need to prevent further destruction of the joints, and these joint supplements are very good at giving ample joint pain relief.

      It is interesting that even in the variety of methods used for joint pain relief; the treatment is always focused on two things. Treat the pain and swelling first to get the body moving and active again, secondly, as much as possible, repair the damage that has been done to the joints; doing whatever you need to do to make sure further damage is not done. For this, you’ll need to test a few of the options we’ve discussed here, and find the one that gives you the best joint pain relief possible.

      Guaranteed Joint Pain Relief is at Your Fingertips. Click Here to find Everything You Need to Get Lasting Joint Pain Relief.

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      Not All Joint Pain Is Arthritis Related

      Omega 3 Fish Oil - 25% OFF
      Arthritis pain can come in a variety of different forms, including Osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative arthritis; or rheumatoid arthritis. Gout is also a type of arthritis. Most of the time when people start looking for joint pain relief due to arthritis (or other causes); they have some inflammation and stiffness in the area.

      However, not all joint pain is caused by arthritis. I had finger pain which was not diagnosed as any type of arthritis at all. In fact, the doctors never did figure out what was going on and eventually I just quit going in for checkups for the “We just don’t know” diagnosis.

      Even though my pain was not caused by arthritis, it WAS in the joints and therefore I was prescribed glucosomine sulfate as a treatment. When that didn’t work, I was moved on to Glucosamine Chondroitin. After taking the glucosamine chondroitin mixture for about two months, my whole body hurt and I thought I was surely going to die. I figured it was just the joint issue getting worse, so I continued to look for joint pain relief on my own.

      That’s when I started using an Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement. I actually started this supplement after watching Dr. Oz one day where he said that many people don’t get enough Omega 3 in their body and a supplement like this was a good way to remain in overall good health. I figured it couldn’t hurt any more than what the other supplements were doing to me; so I got off the glucosamine and just started taking the Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement.

      And I’m happy to report that they worked – for me at least! Now remember that I just said that my diagnosis was not joint pain due to arthritis. I had all the tests done to rule out the major diseases before I started to self treat things. And what worked for me might not work for everyone, but I’ve always been one to try natural supplements before synthetic ones (although, glucosamine chondroitin is a natural combination).

      Don’t be afraid to test a few things when you need joint pain relief. And, if you start feeling worse, stop taking the joint pain supplements for a while to see if you are having side effects from the pills. I guess the body ache thing wasn’t just something I experienced either! While chatting with my neighbor she told me the same thing happened to her, but MSM was what was working for her.

      You can read more about the types of joint pain relief available on the market today. Find out what is working for others, and review the ingredients and possible side effects of each at:

      Article Source:

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      Electromagnetic Pulses Proven For Osteoarthritis Joint Pain Relief

      Studies done by Henry Ford Hospital researchers have shown good results in using electromagnetic Pulses for Osteoarthritis Joint Pain, specifically for knee joint pain.

      They conducted a double-blind placebo controlled study in 34 patients. Some patients were given a device that emitted the appropriate low intensity pulsating electromagnetic frequency, and some were given a device that just vibrated. Amazingly, of the group that was given the working device, more than 40 percent experienced joint pain relief on the first day.

      According to Fred Nelson, MD associate program director for research and director of the Osteoarthritis Center, Department of Orthopedics, Henry Ford Hospital:
      “Our results show pulsed electromagnetic fields caused a significant decrease in pain.”

      The device works quickly because the electromagnetic pulses decrease calcium that has formed in the cartilage. As the calcium is decreases, it sets off sort of a chain reaction causing other chemicals to be produced that reduce inflammation.

      The study was done for a relatively small period of time (six weeks.) During this time patients received treatment for 15 minutes a day, two times a day. The device is a simple plastic device placed around the knee.

      This research on electromagnetic pulses is causing excitement in the medical community because it doesn’t come with the side effects that current joint supplements can cause. While joint supplements have been successful in giving people joint pain relief, they can also have side effects to the kidney and liver, blood clotting ability, as well as tiredness, nausea or indigestion.

      While the electromagnetic pulse device is still being researched for long term effects, it is thought that it will come out high on the list of possible joint pain relief options for knee osteoarthritis due to its low cost and ability to give immediate pain relief.

      This study was done in March of 2010, so it’s quite possible that your Arthritis specialist has the ability to practice this currently. Next time you visit the specialist, be sure to ask about Electromagnetic Pulses for Joint Pain Relief.

      APA: Henry Ford Health System (2010, March 8). Electromagnetic pulses provide pain relief for osteoarthritis, study suggests. ScienceDaily.

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