What Makes This Joint Pain Reliever Shockingly Different!

In the past, just about the only ingredients you could find for joint pain relief were MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Sulfate or a combination of those ingredients. Some joint supplements might also include extra natural ingredients, like Devils claw, White Willow Bark, Ginger, Vitamin C, Indian Frankincense, etc.

But when a certain “scientist” found out that these ingredients were not helping his friend who was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, he decided to take it upon himself to find a cure. So he set up a laboratory in his house and got to experimenting.

He started with trying to test various substances on mice. The problem ran across first was that he could not give these mice arthritis – of any kind! Well, you can’t cure a disease that isn’t there. So he called his medical friends and told him he would pay anyone who could give him a mouse with arthritis so he could continue his research.

No one called! He was frustrated to say the least because he really wanted to find joint pain relief for his friend. But you know how sometimes when you’re not thinking about something the answer comes to you from your subconscious? That’s exactly what happened in this case. And that’s when the light bulb went off in Dr. Harry W. Diehl’s head and he began to do his research in a different way.

Instead of trying to give mice arthritis, he went on a huge research mission to determine why mice were immune to arthritis! He performed many studies and finally the answer came! The one thing that the mice had that protected them from arthritis was a molecule with cetyl myristoleate. There was just one more problem now. A lot of people need joint pain relief and Dr. Diehl didn’t think there was enough mice in the world to manufacture what he needed to succeed.

So he studied the properties of cetyl myristoleate and was able to re-created the molecules in his laboratory. That’s when CM8 was born; it’s now made synthetically by chemically combining cetyl alcohol, with myristollic acid. This mixture has proven to be just as effective as the original molecule found in the mice; maybe even better!

CM8 not only acts as a pain reliever to reduce joint pain, but it also reduces inflammation, helps rebuild joints and, most importantly, gives the immune system an important boost so it can perform at its highest healing capacity in the body. This was a very interesting and amazing project for our Flexcin reviews team.

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